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Avatar Request..

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I want an Avatar that has the Holidays related to it. I'm looking for something with someone headbanging wearing a Santa hat.. and an OCN logo somewhere in the avatar.

Let me know,

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Dang speed and such. But yeah at like 5 in the morning that's what I'll contribute..


A few more touches...

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haha awesome. Why not use APNG? (doesn't OCN support it?)
A. I had never heard of APNG until now

B. I actually made it in Photoshop, which, as far as I'm aware, doesn't support APNG.

I suppose I could really take a serious stab at making something tonight, depending on how late I want to be up... hmm...
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I think he might be talking about a "png" image, just forgot the space.
Naw, APNG is an Animated Portable Network Graphic, (from what I understand) it allows you to have each frame be up to a 24 bit PNG, so much higher quality animated graphics, at the cost of increased filesize. It appears to be fairly new.

Originally Posted by ACM
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This kinda headbanging?

YouTube- Attack Attack - Stick Stickly [Music Video]

No, that is gay music.

Cannibal Corpse FTW!
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nightwish + korn + system + machinae supremacy + within temptation = FTW
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