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Hey guys,

I have this epic Avatar but I can't use it because its 107KB, The annoying thing is, i've already resized it and I can't get it below the rediculusly small 40KB.

Could we get this increased or can someone please for the love of god, tell me how to get my GIF smaller :-D


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You can't really make GIF's smaller.
Changing the resolution doesn't even do much.
I am sure the reason they have the 40KB cap is for server space.
Just think, 100,000 users x 40kb avatars each.
Even though thats only 4gb they need all the space they can. It helps with server speed too. I don't really like huge/long GIF's.
Short and sweet.
IT's more done for the very few dialup users 'round here than it is for server space. 4 gigs is nothing.

I agree on it being turned up to, say, 80KB. Still dialup friendly, still server friendly, yet not obnoxiously tiny.
I can't even get a gif with 10 frames down small enough to use on here. its a joke
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I think mine has six frames, but don't hold me to that.
I know of a site that only allows 5kb avatars, so 40K is quite generous.
40kb is nice and at least .gif is allowed but im with TestECull, would be better if it was at least doubled to 80
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