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Avatar - Very Enjoyable!

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Hey everyone just wanted to give you guys a heads up on this game. The demo is available here http://www.filefront.com/14941123/Ja...Playable-Demo/

Im never one to get excited about a game based on a movie for obvious reasons except a few gems have surfaced that have changed my mind especially Batman Arkham Asylum and now Avatar.

This game has a great feel to it which is very reminiscent of Lost Planet but in a fantasy world. First it doesnt feel like a console port. Its very polished and looks amazing. This has all sorts of graphical features including Directx10. It played fully maxed out on my system. The gameplay is run n gun with vehicles and overall I enjoyed the game and recommend you guys check it out.

PS when installing it says it fails to install a file just skip the file its referring to and continue installing. This was the only issue I ran across but it had no negative effects.
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Lost Planet 3 - Avatar! Thanks I will check out this mod of Lost Planet.
Really it runs maxed on your system? lol. 6 gigs of ram, a GTX 295 and a Core i7 at 3.8 ghz. I'd hope it would run maxed out!

Anyway thanks for the advice. It does sound pretty cool!
its not a mod, it has so much more life than the first lost planet. I enjoyed this more to be honost. It has experience points and upgrades which add life to the over all game. THe multi-player also seems to be more thoughtful. Plus the single player can be played from both races. Should be a suprise hit I think.
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