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averkey 5 plus 1997

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i just got an unopened averkey 5 plus pc 2 tv converter from 97 i tested it and it works like a dream but it runs hot is that normal?
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anyone wanna buy mine that isnt it but mine is in just as good shape if not better plus it has the infrared remote mouse
1. Don't triple post
2. work up your rep and post in the for sale section or
3. just post yours on ebay.

To answer your 1st Q.
IDK for sure but I'd e(lost my "x" key Angry German Kid style)pect something liek that to run hot, especially w/ it being older. as long as it's not "melt the case hot" I'd say it's perfectly fine.
alright i sorry for the tripple post i just get post happy sumtimes nd do you think its worth much?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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