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I currently test a selfmade tec gpu backplate for next gen with a 3080ti.

I circumvent condensation issues by using a weak tec that i turn on on 5 minutes after i start gaming and turn it off 3 minutes before i stop.

Like a 120watt colling boost during gaming without the chance of condensation - IF done according to plan.

Hood Motor vehicle Circuit component Electrical wiring Computer hardware

The issue i have is that i want to fully fill the gap between gpu backplate and pcb with thermal putty that does not sweat out so much silicone that it leaves tiny air filled bubbles in the putty afterwards.

Any suggestions other than that "painters cleaning putty". That is only good for insulation. I need heat transfer as well.

K5-pro (new formula) is what i currently use.

Does anybody know another testworthy thermal putty?
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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