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Award-Pheonix Bios Overclocking problem.

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Hi, i'm am kinda new to overclocking, and i wanted to do my first overclocking project with my Intel quad core q6600. I looked on some online shops and i found a good CPU cooler, i've read what you should know about overclocking, and the last thing i did before buying the cooler was taking a quick look into the BIOS ( Award-Pheonix Bios ). I've had a bit of an unpleasant supprise there, because there was no acces to the FSB and to the CPU voltage, actually, i could mod almost notting. After i've googeled a bit about this, i've found some sites that said that it is impossilbe to overclock a CPU with the Award-Pheonix BIOS system. Is there any way, any program, that would make me able to overclock my CPU with this BIOS?

Thanks anyway
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You can overclock with the Pheonix bios motherboards, secondly go to frozencpu.com and purchase yourself a Thermaltake Ultra 120 Extreme (TRUE), 2 Sythe Ultra Kaze fans and a stick of AS5 (a thermal gel). Last on the top of the screen where you see quick links, home, gallery ect. Click on User CP and fill in your computer details. Welcome to Overclock.net!!
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Yes, but how do i overclock with this type of BIOS? Because the BIOS doesn't show any menus to change FBS or the Voltage for the CPU...
You bought an OEM system from Dell, HP, Compaq, Emachines, etc. These OEMs remove any overclocking options from the BIOS before you get it.

You can try using the MSI Core Center software overclocking tool but it probably won't get you very far.

The best thing you can do is replace the motherboard.
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