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Awesome Armed Assault Movie

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trini scourge from the Bi forums posted this video. mostly made with armed assault with a little video effects. This is the best video I've seen so far made with a game engine by a player.

Stream it from HERE

Or download it from HERE
Note: This film contains graphic language in some parts.

Runtime: 19mins
Size: 542mb

Story of the film

"Red Dawn explores a future in utter ruin and chaos. In Russia, after seizing power in a successful coup d'etat, former Soviet General Vasiliy Kashlikov, begins the systematic take over of the independent states of the eastern block.

Meanwhile, in a series of events that shock the world, Pakistan, Iran and Egypt declare war on an unknown western target. Their coalition is dubbed "The Real Axis of Evil".
Nuclear Conflict is inevitable, with the fate of the world in the balance, can the western powers
dismantle the Axis' nuclear capabilities and prevent an apocalyptic outcome?"


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Bump.. nobody else like this?? daym I'm mixing with the wrong crowd...must be all acrcade rambo shooting trigger happy junkies.
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Another ARMA video showing a new sound pack and some huge firefights
Great graphics. Hows the gameplay?

Originally Posted by 2long4u
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Great graphics. Hows the gameplay?

Its a strategy fps.. not rambo tactics as were used to with moha, cod ect. although I love them this is a little slower and planned and very much an EPIC.

Although I'm sure the game is still a little buggy there is so much user modification and development already. in 6-12 months this will be a game worthy of the OFP name it was never allowed to have.

Another sweet video.

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Another sweet ARMA Video recreating BlackHawk Down.

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