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AWESOME Back to The Future mod for Crysis

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It's on Spanish, but I'll put the video link here. Also, the download link:

Download Link: http://www.crymod.com/filebase.php?fileid=4147&lim=0


You can travel on the time, inside and outside the car. It's got ALL the effects from the movie, the blinking, rays, the fire lines, the "bpffffffff" effect with smoke when the itme travel is done...

I have it. It's awesome.
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Originally Posted by Interpolation View Post
Video works great and it is very cool. Figure I'll save everyone some time and provide the direct youtube link.

YouTube- Back to the Future Delorean Crysis Mod
Alrady did. it was on Vimeo but the original blog edited with the Youtube one.

Worth the download, trust me.
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Im still pissed off waiting for the mechwarrior mod >.<
This is awesome!
Bump for someone's jawdrop.
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