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awesome new case

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so I am an arcade fanatic and I found this and just had to have it.
mame cabinet with coin operation for 300

I drove over there and got it. I am going to put my sig rig in it and run it as a mame cabinet. I am buying a laptop for daily use.

I am not sure what 2 do with the old computer and monitor in it but o well

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That beast is only going to have one computer in it???? I'd put 3 folding rigs in it and make it a standalone folding farm
lol thats hilarious, you gonna put a different monitor in it or use that grubby old crt?
26 lcd is what I am gonna put in it. I am hoping to run high end emulation

every game you chose you insert 2 quarters... and go 2 town...very very cool
I figure the specs on this thing will be

a raptor hard drive for games, gtx 295, 780i ftw, custom lcs, and I am going to recess 2 dvd burners into the cabinet, 26+ lcd monitor

mods to it will be
external radiator..or fans to remove heat from the case
some cathodes to make it look ballin.
custom fabbed change catched since this one aint got one
brushed chrome vynil
possible make it a 2 player board by getting some new mdf and controls
I am trying to contact a woodworker to make these for about 250-300 each I hope but make them much better. build em and start making them nice home computer cabinets with roll out keyboards. should be very cool
heh cool stuff. one of my friends down in GT helped set up a MAME cabinet like that once.
really neat stuff, but for the effort I'd almost prefer having a PC with MAME on it + good monitor.

but for retro nostalgia, there's few things that top an old arcade box
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isnt a 295 and q6600 a bit overkill for mame?
yes very overkill... but then again isnt my rig already overkill? I want to just toss in new games and not even have to wait a second... boot and go
wow. Cool!!
hmm a arcade unit that can play crysis.. wow.
(that is, if you put some good specs in it ^^)
I am looking for a laptop to use while I have this pc in the mame... it runs any emulation so far without a hitch
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