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Awesome sales on Newegg today, 7970, 7870, 7770

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Simple post, first thing I do every morning is pick up my phone and my first email is always from Newegg.

Sapphire 7970 - $289.99

ASUS 7870 - $184.99

ASUS 7770 - $109.99

Sapphire 6970 - $159.99

Not exactly cards but if you're buying better cards you're going to need more storage for your games and more power for those new cards.

Seagate Barracuda 3tb 7200rpm 64mb cache - $109.99! With promo code EMCXMWT24 for 72 hours only.

XFX 750watt PSU XXX edition, MODULAR! - $54.99! With promo code EMCXMWT42. (I highly recommend XFX PSUs as they're basically rebranded Seasonic's)

Hope this helped someone!
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Damn it. I wish newegg ship internationally. hayz..... korea 7970 still at whooping 500 USD tsk tsk
Yeah that must suck for the international people like you.

I think I'm going to pick up one of the hard drives and the PSU for extras. The deals are too good to pass up, especially on the PSU
Gonna grab one of the hdds, that's an awesome price for 3 terabytes of storage.
The prices of the AMD 7950/7970 dropped like crazy this past few weeks in Canada as well.

I purchased a MSI GTX 760 (Gaming Edition) for $260 (They are like $300+ on Newegg Canada for some reason now?) because the 7950 cheapest was $329.99 and 7970 around $399.99.

Few weeks later I'm seeing Sapphire 7950 at $249.99 and Sapphire 7970 for $329.99. Bit of buyers remorse. I would have shelled out the extra $60 for a 7970.

I'm really curious about the price points the 99xx/98xx series and performance. If they are only going to be 20-30% higher performance and say 399.99/499.99, you're still better off buying one of those cheap 7970/7950 as it would be a better price/performance ratio.

I could see them re-badging the 7950 as the 9850 and 7970 as the 9870, then using a new GPU/Arcitecure for the 9950/9970. Unless they will release the 9970/50 at first then in a few months release the 98xx cards.

Edit: See a XFX 7950 Core Edition on NCIX for 219.99 (after 30$ MIR) Great price, but I'd never buy XFX tbh.
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Yeah, I'm really hoping for an XFX turn around. They really did drop the ball on the 79xx.

I have had VERY good luck with, and am very pleased with my two 7870 DD Black Editions though. They're very quiet and still stay cool under load and further OC'd. Only downfall is they're voltage locked and overpriced compared to others.
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