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For the pass weeks i been noticing sometimes my gpu will go up to max 3d clocks... which i thought something was going wrong with it.. Than i found out in task manager realtec was in the processes taking some cpu % and i don't even have the realtec even enabled in bios so i said *** and i closed it.. But gpu went right down to 2d clocks after closing it...

So i thought it was gone.. But every time i restart windows 5 to 10min later its back and will make the gpu go up to 100% again.. But closing it fixes it. So i ran a virus scan and even malware bytes and nothing came up.. So i just gave up and deal with it sense i hardy restart my pc anyways unless a crash happens or a power outage happens. Pretty much i just thought it was hardware failure because this motherboard does have its issues...

But today i found out were its installed at. in appdata there was a folder called awesomium and inside was Realtek HD driver files.... So i deleted that whole folder and so far it doesn't pop up again..

So i was wondering was that a virus or spyware?

I know it has nothing to do with realtek because i have it disabled cause i don't use it.
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