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Azureus Tweaks

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I would like to know if there is any setting tweaks in Azureus or other to improve Azureus performance. I am currently using SBC Yahoo DSL and the speed is 3074/512kbps and this is the highest it can achieve. I have open the ports that it uses already. There are no NAT problem so is there any other setting in Azureus that I can do to improve the performance? or any other thing that I can do?
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Originally Posted by Ty Auchter

You can bug their dev team to release a new version... is only 77 days old...

but I still agree...
... Ive since switched to utorrent but I miss some of the very powerful and detailed features in azureus... Ive been using azureus forever but I just got so fed up with the memory leaks
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