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AZZA Genesis 9000 CSAZ-9000W White Computer Case With Side Panel Window

AZZA unveils Genesis 9000. Offering unprecedented features, with uncompromised performance, all at an unbeatable price. Among the many courteous innovations you'll find in Genesis 9000, is a removable motherboard tray that can be installed in two opposite directions. Placed in the traditional way, your CPU is next to the top fan. Place the motherboard tray in reverse, the ventilator is now in close proximity to your VGA cards. Placing a giant exhaust fan next to your hotspot is one feature that helps keep the computer cool locally. Furthermore, since the physics of good airflow demands global planning of the position and the direction of the ventilators to ensure adequate air intake and proper exhaustion, Genesis 9000 is engineered with the power supply installed in the front bottom so that 2 x 140 mm mid- and rear-bottom fans can supply gusts of wind blasting upward removing excess heat via the top 2 x 230 mm fan. This design generates an uninterrupted vertical airflow that allows air to flow in a straight line from bottom to top, providing optimum cooling for the entire system. The full-tower case supports dual-power supply. A second power supply may be installed in the rear bottom.

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureR-ATX Design: Reversible motherboard tray can be rotated 180 degree to orient graphics cards at the top, next to the top fan to enhance the efficiency of heat dissipation.
Idea Aerodynamic Airflow: An idea vertical airflow is generated to offer Exceptional system cooling.
Maximum Compatibility: Accommodates XL-ATX , E-ATX , Full ATX , Micro ATX and all NVidia and ATI graphics cards up to 400mm in length.
Maximum Capacity Water Cooling: Top Mount Radiator: supports up to 480mm radiator, Bottom Mount Radiator: supports up to 240mm radiator.
Supports Dual-Power Supply: Power supply can be located at either front or rear bottom, also supports dual-power supply.
Dimensions(H x W x D): 25.1-Inch x 9.8-Inch x 23.2-Inch, Weight: 36 lbs.
Exceptional Cooling System: Total 7 fans, 2 x 230mm fans on top, 2 x 140mm fan on bottom, 2 x 120mm fan on side panel, 1 x 120mm fan in rear.
TitleAzza Genesis 9000W Full Tower Case, White (CSAZ-9000W)
WarrantyOne year for parts and labor
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementCSAZ-9000W
Item Height25.1 inches
Item Length23.2 inches
Item Width9.8 inches
Package Height13 inches
Package Length29.8 inches
Package Weight42.2 pounds
Package Width27 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement690568011329
Item Weight36 pounds


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Azza Gen 9K

review by going mod

1) RATX: prob wont make that much of a difference in cooling but its looks cool, and why fight thermal dynamics? 2) Removeable MoBo tray w/ handle. 3) Id really like to of seen a full metal case (makes me feel better about repaint jobs) but that almost never happens with the bezels. 4) There are not a billion HDD trays thrown in the most baffling of places. 5) Drive trays are drive trays or screw on for HDDs/ SSDs. 6) GPU brackets.


Part 1

Part 2

Rads: A 240 will fit at the bottom. For the top 480 Rad see page 4 on the http://www.overclock.net/t/1281732/azza-club page.

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