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[B]D5 or DDC 350?[/B]

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I've been Reading,Learning and Enjoying the vast amount of shared
knowlege/experience posted within this community for the past 2 weeks,
and I have to admit I'm a sucker for community spirit. I can't be
considered a WC nube as I've been modding/building high end gamer
systems for the financially secure for 10yrs as a means to compensate
for my spendy addiction to überClockin' anything with wires attached.

I do consider myself as a virgin to the real world of WC though as I
have yet to make the evolutionary jump from air to water. But that all
changes next week as I have maxed the Multiplier/Vcore settings on my
current setup. So, I'm thinkin', ***, before making that jump to a
DFI nF4 ULTRA-D/Opteron 146-CAB2E UPMW why not get my feet wet and
push my K890Pro/winnie to the wall while I'm at it. Not sure I'll miss
the noise of my system pushing over 550CFM though.

So, here's the list of parts I've settled on unless someone can show
that the D5 is a better pump for the intended multiblock system.

*EDITED*: to show final setup/prices as ordered yesterday.

1. Laing DD D5 @ $74.95
For the total ½" flow multiblock system.

2. Swiftech Apogee Extreme @ $39.95
Once again it's the best choice for a multiblock sys.

3. Danger Den Maze4 @ $44.95
As I don't care for the block design of the Fusion and I'm running a
Nvidia card.

3. Double heater core '77 Bonneville WO/Air @ $18.00
Best flow for the buck.

4. Tube, clamps, barbs, additive & misc. @ $15.00

5. Mods made from stock on hand for Grand Total of $204.99 shipped
and inspite of the D5 upgrade that's still $10 bucks less than original!

The system will include ½" hose/barbs with worm clamps and remain external.
The mods include custom fabricated reservoir and two aluminum 3" rise fan shoruds for the 4 PANAFLO 120X38mm 115CFM Fans. With future plan to test build a 32"x32"x32" plexi box to self contain the WC/PC/5200btu AC in its own isolated temp atmosphere/überClockensphere.

If anyone running an Athlon 64 multiblock sys with either a D5 or DDC350
pump could post their system temps it would help greatly as that's the
only part I'm still iffy about at this point. And Thanks in advance.
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You will be better off with the with the D5. It gives more flow and head. Other then that everything looks good. I can see you have been reading up on this. Good job

Just so you know you will be better off making a water chiller then adding an A/C unit to anything. I don't know why there has been all of this talk about it on the forums lately. If you think about it you have the A/C unit that cools the air, the air then cools the rad, then the rad cools the water. Why not just cut out the "middle man" and have the A/C unit directly cool the water? It will be much more efficient and it will save you money on you electricity bill. Sure you have to condensation proof your parts, but that is plenty easy to do.

Good luck with your setup. Post pictures when it's done and ask more questions if you've got them.

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Originally Posted by Snerp

You will be better off with the with the D5. It gives more flow and head.

Hey, I can always go for more head
And as I stated, the AC would just be
a test build experiment to find what works best. And could you post your system temps?

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Between those 2, D5 all the way.

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Thanks guys with your input I've made the dive to WC. Edited the first post for final setup/prices. While Danger Den is only 1½hrs away Jab-Tech's in Oklahoma.
Soooo, sometime next week I'll post a system setup/install log with pics.

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That is exactly the same setup I ordered. I am waiting for my CPU block and my heater core. Where did you get your heater core from? I got mine from Autozone. Man do they have slow order processing. It took them like 3 days just to ship it. I am not sure where my Appogee is, they shipped it USPS Priority Mail on monday I am guessing and it still isn't here, and USPS told me it would only take 2 days. Oh well. As long as I get it either tomorrow or saturday. I better not have to wait till monday.
What are you using for a fan shroud? I am probally gonna make the tuperware one for now, then fabricate a custom one out of sheetmetal.
I am hoping that the fans I got will work well. I went over my budget and i couldn't afford the panaflo's. I have 53CFM fans. Hoping they work ok. Untill I get either get some higher CFM ones off ebay or find a good deal on the panaflo's. (If anyone has any of the panaflo's or anyother high CFM that they want to get rid of, PM me please) Definetly let us know how it turns out.


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Yeah, US postal can be a pain especially if they get the zip code wrong. Fortunately Danger Den's less than a 2hr drive but Jab-Tech shipped quicker.

Those fans should be OK with shrouds and you can always upgrade later. I use Panflo & TT high speed fans and can swap the 115cfm 120's in my case for some 64cfm's when I install my setup. Saw some HS Panflos on ebay for $1.49, yeah right, with $10.99 shipping. Sidewinders has the 115cfm's for $10.95 with under $5 S&H for 4. HERE

Making my fan shrouds with 2mm flat stock 5052-H32 aluminum both sides require less than a full 12"x36'" sheet @ $5.95. And it cuts easy without cutting you.........unlike sheet metal. Picked up the heater core at Gunners local automotive, Delco OEM(better quality welds) @ $37.78 minus mechanics discount=$18.00 & no tax. Still searching fore the perfect size/style container for building my reservoir though. Hope your parts arrive by Saturday, mine won't make it from Oklahoma till next week.
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