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B55 overclock to 4.0Ghz?

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I currently own a Phenom II x4 B55 (unlocked cores) and I have it running at 3.6ghz. I've been meaning to push it up to 4.0ghz but I'm not entirely sure what I should do differently given that it's a crippled 955. What should I set my NB voltage and frequency at? CPU voltage?

Thanks in advance.
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I'm in the same boat. Have a Phenom II x4 B60 (unlocked 560BE) and I have it at 3.5Ghz... Wondering where I should go from here... Or IF I should go from here
I have mine unlocked only to x3 and 4ghz(1.403v) and cpu-nb 2600mhz(1.203v)
You might want to add some MOSFET heatsinks to that.... not that it's so unsafe it's going to blow, but an unlocked & overclocked x2 is over 125W, which is perhaps taking an unheatsinked 4+1 on 3-transistor design too far. During stability testing you may notice the CPU throttle down or a random shut down as part of this board's protection feature, for possibly unknown reason, until MOSFET temps (which may not be visible) go down.
Originally Posted by wooly;12985019
I seem to have hit a wall for now at 3.7
Did you change any other settings beside the multiplier?
just with a voltage increment now 1.425
tried nb and it had none of it, I'm not sure what to raise with it?
oh and xd_1771 I think my board is fine, any tips on what to raise nb to, and what to raise with it?
Originally Posted by wooly;12986701
just with a voltage increment now 1.425
tried nb and it had none of it, I'm not sure what to raise with it?
I'm running stock volts @ 3.6... I'll bump it up to 3.7 and see how it goes. Before that I'll run P95.

It seems my max temp is 51c @ 3613Mhz. Running a torture test on P95. The temperatures otherwise max out @ 45-46c while playing Crysis, and I live in Florida.
So far I haven't failed any test on P95, should I test it for a little more and start pushing more? The CPU is @ 167.40W right now.
I'm running P95 as of right now. Max temp is 54c, min 27c. Does that sound good?
Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you. You may not be able to stability test properly (due to downclocking that you may or may not notice) or worst-case-scenario you'll get a total failure - especially with the HEC power supply over there (some VRM failures linked to PSU). The MOFSETs probably do get very hot because you run a tower cooler and they get zero airflow. I don't recommend proceeding without MOSFET cooling.
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