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back to xp for 6 months

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ive used vista ultimate for 3 months,just uninstalled it .and gone back to xp.too many problems,with things not working,as for gameing it wasnt bad really.just all the other little annoying things like u torrent not opening ,peergaurdian not working,game settings not saving.cant rename folders,cant drag and drop folders,usb sound for headphones not working , desk top color settings not saving,to name a few,ill probally install it again in arround 6 months,and hope all the bugs have been ironed out.
but my trusty xp his perfect.
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you are nuts. I have been running Vista since the day it came out. Not ONE hiccup or anything.

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It works fine. You just have to learn to use it...
Vista is great. One word for me descibes it: Smooth.
some people get issues some dont...

Originally Posted by SZayat View Post
Did you disable Windows Vista User Account Control?
yea thats the first thing i did.just because some peaple dont have probs,some do.
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Did you have a unstable on on your computer. I had to rienstall because my ram borked up my first install. I now have 64 running and its doing fine. All the thing syou listed work jsut fine. If I had problems getting a program to run just run it in XP mode for that program and it works jsut fine.
Vista needs at least 1 service pack..not sure it will be 'right' though even after that (Ive used it since it was 'alpha' & tried Ultimate again recently). In my opinion its still beta software & has a 'memory leak' that MS need to patch..

And while were on the subject, there seems to be very few updates out for vista since its release compared to xp over the same time frame?
I'm not having luck with torrents either. Anyone know a good way to get these working with Vista?

Possibly a blocked port? How to unblock via vista?
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