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Back up tools

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I need to test 7 different back up tools for school but I dont know wich are quite good..
Hope someone knows a few..
Got this so far:

1. NT back-up
2. Carbonite
3. Acronis True Image
4. Syncback
5. Cobian Backup
6. Mozy Home

Thank you all for your time!
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Rsync. Runs in linux, but cwrsync has been ported for windows. Works over network with a server-side service, and a client to push the data to the server. The server can also "Pull" data from the machines. Also, it runs in local mode. It only copies the changed bits in the file. Some backup programs only copy the changed files, this copies the changed bits, so backups take a fraction of the time.

The downside? It's command line, and people are too lazy to learn CLI args.
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I see.
Im trying to learn most things from cmd and terminal (in linux) for the past few weeks now.
works fine although

anyway, thanks for this info :>
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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