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Background RAID rebuilding

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Is that the ability of a RAID card to work on rebuilding the RAID only while you are not reading/writing to it?
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I beleive the only way you can rebuild the raid array would be to simply go into the RAID BIOS (ctrl-I on most boards) and simply re-build through there, ie you cannot re-build while in a windows environment.
I am talking about hardware RAID where the Raid controller is an actual card. So the way to do that would vary from card to card, some would be automatic, just take out the bad drive and throw in a new one, most of the time without even shutting off the array.
It would be best not to read/write to your array while rebuilding it. Reduces the probability of inconsistencies. The 3ware card that I've got a server at the office for instance will not allow you to do anything - you have to boot into the controller bios using ctrl+i and allow it to rebuild through its interface. From what I've experienced, it depends on the card and how its rebuild option works.
Yes, I am definitely looking for something with activity lights and an audible warning. Then once we noticed something was up we'd sway the drive and let it re-build before we messed with it. Also know I am looking for 8 to 12 bays for RAID-6 with no spare, and with about 700MB/s read when empty and a good 500MB/s at 80% full.

MaxxDigital is coming out with new products soon so I am going to check them out when I am ready.

But about the question, a card that could reliably offer background RAID rebuilding on a RAID-6 sounds like the way to go. Best of both worlds. You could keep working if your life depended on it... though I still wouldn't hehe...

I guess I am hoping that people will come out and tell me that it works and you don't have to worry about it. It would be nice if cards were that reliable.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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