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Backwards compatible?

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I am ordering a JetWay JM26GT4 MOBO. It says the standard memory is DDR2 800. I have 667. Is this board able to support this mem?
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Yes, i am running my ram @ 800, but my board supports 1066 , so you will be fine
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Yes, all DDR2 memory slots are backwards compatible...
It'll run at regular speeds and work perfectly fine. No worries at all.
Yes all DRR ram in the same series is backwards compatible EX: you have DDR 1066 you can use DDR 1066/800/667 you can also use 1066 with 800 and so on it just has to be of the same type like DDR2 with DDR2 not DDR2 with DDR3 or one

Originally Posted by MRHANDS
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Even gives you some headroom to OC your memory a bit

thanks, but i doubt my mom needs a hot rod. the computer I'm replacing has a 2.4g single core and 512 of ddr1. her head will spin with this new setup:

2.5g AMDX2, 1g DDR2667 - should be good for medical billing.

(not to say the new one is fast, but the old one was sooooo slow.)

Also, I spent about $200 on this stuff, better than the $350 she spent on her crappy setup three years ago.
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