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Bad DVI port. Card or monitor?

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So, the other day, my screen just went black. I rebooted, see the bios screen, see the loading bar, and then black. Windows was booting because it was making noise from the speakers. Well, I blamed vista of course and tried to install XP. This time I got to the desktop, but as soon as I installed a display driver, this would happen again. So I re-installed vista because I figured it was a hardware issue, not the OS. Same symptoms. Finally I tried using the VGA port instead, and voila, we're good, except it's VGA.

My question is, if DVI is working at the bios screen and with no display driver installed, thus low-res, but not working once I install the driver, is it more likely that my graphics card has a bad dvi port or that it's my monitor? Of course swapping to a different monitor would tell me, but this is the only DVI card I have around and only DVI capable monitor. What would be your guess?
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Does that make sense that it's working at low resolution/without a driver?
it may be the way its configured, i used to have a few cards that wouldnt let me boot into windows on a different port, try updating the drivers or try older drivers. if none of that works try a bios(vid card) update
I tried using an older version of the driver, no dice. Considering this just happened randomly, I think maybe it just crapped out. Maybe next I'll try a bios update. Thanks for the suggestion, Skull.
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