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Bad news turned good news from Ebay

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Well last week I bought a 9800gt from newegg for 70$ plus 9.99 shipping. After it was over I was second guessing my purchase because I knew it wasn't much( if at all) better than the 8800gt. Today I received an e-mail saying the package was sent back because of an invalid address because the owner put my address on there incorrectly. The card was damaged from shipping so my money was refunded.

I go back to Ebay to check for some more cards and I happen to spot a 4770 with less than 6 minutes left on bidding. The highest bid was 80 so I bid 81$ and won it. For 1$ extra I think I got a much better deal on the card and I'm thoroughly pleased with these recent events.

How often does good luck come that way?
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did you buy the 9800 from newegg or ebay? Either way, I think you got a pretty good deal out of that.
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