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Bad Pool Caller BSOD

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I just did a fresh install of windows xp sp2 on a new rig and after windows finished setting up it tried to reboot and then I get the Bad_Pool_Caller BSOD and everytime I try to start up. I used a slipstreamed version of windows xp sp2 if it matters.
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Check the exact code error, that will help narrow it down.

One possible cause could be a RAM error issue.
from what ive found its either a faulty driver or a buggy piece software, im going to go with buggy driver.

Error Codes Here

just search for Bad_Pool_Caller on that page
What make is your PSU. Is it new? Are you by any chance out of spec on your system? If so, remove all custom settings by saving default values. Repeat the installation.
These are the error codes
0x000000C2(0x00000007, 0x0000000CD4, 0x00000000, 0xE168004)

The system specs are as follows
P5B Deluxe
Crucial Anniversary Ram
2x Hitachi 250GB HD (I attempted do to a raid before, but it didn't work, so I settled with trying to install the OS and then setting up the raid later)
X-Fi Xtrememusic
650W Antec Triopower (I bought it at best buy because I didn't want to wait for shipping if I bought a GameXStream.)

I already tried setting the bios back to default and it didn't help. I have also tried to reformat and install windows again, but the same problem happened.
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Anybody know anything about this because I don't think I can update any drivers unless they are bootable. I can't even get into windows.
Do you have another copy of Windows XP? Not a slipstream but a genuine CD? I would try to install with one and see if the issue is repeated.
Sounds like a RAM isssue to me. I would memtest your RAM or atleast try to do what you are doing with a single Memory module.

Memtest :http://www.memtest86.com/
I did memtest86 for 90 minutes on test 5 and I got no errors. I then tried alternating ram sticks in different slots and no dice.

The other websites all talk about driver problems, but I can't get into windows to update anything.

I guess I'll try reinstalling tommorow on a non slipstreamed cd because I can't think of any other reason my new build is having problems.
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