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Bad Xigmatek performance?

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Hey, I'm messing around with overclocking my e6400 right now and I currently have it at 3.3G and 1.425vcore. Temperatures reached a max of 59c after 10 minutes of orthos, so for this setting the Xigmatek is fine. However, I expected better temperatures than this...I can only overclock to 3.3ghz and 1.425v on one of the best air coolers around?
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What are your ambients like? i have the same motherboard and the same cooler but i have the fan at only 40% and my temps on a E6850 @ 3.6 Ghz after 1 hour if stressing hit a max of 51C. The ambients were 20C when i tested. Something sounds wrong, maybe try a re seat? too much or too little tim? uneven mounting pressure when you tightened the back plate? terrible case airflow? Make sure you have the fan pushing air through the S1283 and the pushed air to be exhausted by your cases rear fan. forgot to remove the plastic sticker on the base?
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