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can't decide

  • 3x 22 or 23" 1080p monitors in surrond

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 1x 27" 1440p monitor

    Votes: 3 100.0%
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I am looking for a new monitor but I can't decide which route I want to go. Both would cost roughly the same (if I go with a microcenter 27" Auria IPS)

thoughts, opions, random babble?

a 670 or 680 should be able to drive either option easily. at mostly High settings.

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I just had 3 1080p in surround and went to the Auira. Still trying to get rid of the 1080p's. No one wants them.

Auria is amazing. Yes the 670 will be fine. Try to get a 4gb model.
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