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I posted this over on head-fi also. Just wanted to post here also for more opinions.

So apparently now I am getting a Citypulse DAC DA7.2x II instead of the Zhaolu and I saw it has balanced outputs. Then the gears in my head starting turning.

Since the Shanling PH100 has 2 different inputs, couldn't I mod the input/output connectors and just make the aux + cd inputs work at the same time? Maybe a new transformer would be needed to provide enough juice, but it would be a very cheap, VERY powerful balanced amp then.

My idea is the l/r of the cd input would become the +/- for the right speaker only. The l/r of the aux input would become the +/- of the left speaker only.

With both inputs running at the same time the power output should be double of these regular specs.

It should even be able to fully power balanced HD600's(300 ohm) headphones. Would this work or am I missing something?

This would be nice because for 220(price of amp) + say 50 bucks for connectors, you would have a nice solid state amp that could power pretty much any balanced headphone that is 300 ohms or lower.
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