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basics for 7800GT

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I know this is a noob question but I have to ask since I am a noob:

I had a 6600 LE and it was artifacting really bad on css I tried to reinstall driver, checked my installation of the card itself and few other things I could think of. Nothing worked so I called tech support and they said bad card!
I sent it back for replacement but in the mean time I bought a 7800GT

I got it yesterday, installed it, new driver and all and its doing the same thing.
I was wondering if it could just be my settings in the nvidia control panel?
any ideas? I could show a screen shot if it will help? Oh ya it only does it on some maps like dust2 and aztec I did reinstall game but do dice.
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It is quite possible that the model of your PSU just isn't capable of producing enought Ampires to support your card, Or maybe your PSU is just fualty . Either way i would of get it checked by hooking it up to friend's computer or borowing a PSU from some one...
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