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I know this is a noob question but I have to ask since I am a noob:

I had a 6600 LE and it was artifacting really bad on css I tried to reinstall driver, checked my installation of the card itself and few other things I could think of. Nothing worked so I called tech support and they said bad card!
I sent it back for replacement but in the mean time I bought a 7800GT

I got it yesterday, installed it, new driver and all and its doing the same thing.
I was wondering if it could just be my settings in the nvidia control panel?
any ideas? I could show a screen shot if it will help? Oh ya it only does it on some maps like dust2 and aztec I did reinstall game but do dice.

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Ya that's it!
pci-e What are the odds of 2 bad cards? I have some bad luck but....
I checked my bios the pci-e is selected for primary use. I see on the evga site people are having similar problems, maybe bad batch of cards. But that doesnt explain my other card doing the same thing! Both are stock, both new, temps good, a river of knowledge and not a drop to be had

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OK after about 19 hours of straight googling
and reading every thing I could I think I've got it?
I did everything short of clean install and finally after reading how volts could effect my card, and a reply from evga's support tech, Jacob K, "Make sure the 12v rail is not dipping below 11.75v"
I got out my fluke.

Thanks to a reply in another thread by slow'puter:Turn off your PC.
Insert DMM leads on the molex
Turn on PC.
repeat as necessary

12v: red lead on the orange lead of the molex, black lead on any black of the molex.
5v: red lead on the red lead of the molex, black lead on the black of the molex.
3.3v: For this you will need the AUX Connector Only, or a combination of the AUX and 4-pin Molex. Insert the red probe into either one of the two orange 3.3v connectors on the AUX connector. Insert the black probe into any of the black ground connectors on the AUX connector, or the 4-pin Molex connector.
I did just so: 11.79 volts just in windows, ran demo from 3dmark05 and it dropped to 11.05 by the end of demo.
I tested of off the molex that y's off the 6pin on the card, also one other spare.
So is it safe to say that it is a bad psu? Again I am a noob so I would appreciate any feedback anyone can give as I am just a humble man in a harsh world!

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Ok I unplugged everything but hdd, mobo, and card, even took my sound card out. ran 3d mark each time I tested a plug, tested every plug I have,
all about the same readings. The best I could do is about 11.32 with the card working.
Even at start up it dropped to 11.45 volts so?
The card draws about 5 amps and my psu is at the threshold of amperage in the specs for the card(22 amps on the 12 volt rail)
This would also effect my cpu performance right?

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I see what u are saying now lol did not know any better when I got it. Hence "noob" hehehe ~living is learning~
Dual cooling fans
Supports Pentium 4 and AMD
FCC,TUV,CE certified
Protection circuits for inrush current, over current and over temperature
Supports "Pentium 4" and "AMD Athlon" systems
AC Input 115VAC -or- 230VAC 50/60Hz
+3.3V 45A
+5V 50A
+12V 22A
-12V 0.8A
+5Vsb 2A
Total Output 680Watts Max
1 x 20 pin ATX Main Power
1 x 4 pin Pentium Auxiliary Power
1 x P4 +12V ATX Power
2 x Floppy Power
1 x SATA Power connector
5 x 4P Peripheral
AC Power Cord

well I appreciate the help I guess I will be getting new power supply.

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OK I put the new psu in(antec smart power 500w) for now.
Much better, still have some snow like artifacts will try to do what: (TheWaxShop) said about the delta settings.

One more question, my psu has a 6 pin pci-e connector on it, should I use that or use the adapter that came with and have 2 4 pin molex's plugged in?
thanks guys!
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