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Battle Orphan Diseases by purchasing Used games

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Donate a Game you no longer want or purchase a used game from http://www.donategames.org/ and the money will be used to help people with Orphans Diseases.

Pretty cool idea so you donate and get something in return.
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Seems like this charity helps those with extremely rare medical conditions (effecting less than .05% of the gen.pop). Which is greatly needed for the fact that most pharmaceutical companies do not care about researching for diseases/cancers/viruses/etc that they cannot make a profit off of due to lower rates of occurence. Non profit organizations like this fill in the gaps that these afflicted people would otherwise fall through.

Quake4, and Sins Of A Solar Empire are collecting dust in my drawer. Maybe I'll sell them and donate the profits as the shipping costs would be more than the actual sale prices. Maybe throw in 50% of the expected shipping costs as well.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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