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[BD]New Command & Conquer might be digital release*only*

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After the retail release of Command & Conquer 4 this March, Electronic Arts has plans to revamp its long running RTS franchise. Earlier this month, the publisher announced that Jon Van Caneghem, best known as the main creative force behind the Might and Magic RPG franchise, has been hired to take the C&C series in a new "digital" direction. That likely means the next C&C game might not be sold in stores

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Well it would be silly if it wasn't sold in stores, I've often hooked up a few computers to play red alert 2 and not once was there an internet connection present.
Not everybody has a fast internet connection to download the game so it would be stupid if C&C 4 was released as digital only.
Not everyone has a Credit Card either. And so far no digital sources offer OnlineInterac.
This would be bad. I'm proud of my retail collection. They should and could do both.
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