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Beastly DDR

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Ok, I know this x2 1gb kit is rated at PC 4000, but I hear it can do way higher speeds, closer to 300mhz which would be AWSOME. Can anybody confirm this?

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Originally Posted by tytlyf

OCZ has a great overclocking 2G set for around the same price after a rebate...I would expect at least 270-280 with that gskill. You might have to loosen the timings for the speed, but in my mind, I will take high mhz all day long over tighter timings....I've just experienced some seriously rediculous memory benchmarks with my current memory at high mhz, over 8400 everest Read scores..

Can you send me a link to the G.Skill memory your running. I'd love to run a 1:1 with 311 FSB.
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