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Originally Posted by systemaxd

I got ram similar to that this stuff to be exact and i currently have it at 236fsb 1:1 ratio at 2.5-3-3-5-1T with 2.7v in the bios and stable in memtest havent tryed for highter since i think my cpu is about maxed but im happy with it; and IMO pc4000 with 3-4-4-8 timmings i dont like, personal preference, since if the sticks dont clock up to there rated speed you have no room to loosen the timings to get to the rated speed or above.

Im thinking of getting the G.skill also, its a great deal for $200. While I can see your idea about loosening clocks to get the speed advertised, if the ram DOESNT reach the speed advertised with those clocks, that is a valid reason for an RMA. As to the origonal question as to how high they clock, most reviewers are reaching 275ish regularly, with slightly less getting 285, and a select few even hitting 300fsb. This is what I plan on getting, and I Think you would be pretty well off going with it also.
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