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Before I buy...

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Hey, this is gonna be my first watercooling setup so I need everything.

My goal is to cool a q9550 oc'd with a gtx285 oc'd efficiently yet quietly.

I have in mind 1/2 barbs with 7/16 tubing

So far I have this stuff in my cart

Pump: Swiftech MCP655 (speed adjustable)
Rad: Swiftech MCR320 Quiet Power Triple 120MM
Res: Swiftech MCRES-MICRO REV2 Clear HI-FLOW
Tubing: 2 X Swiftech 7/16IN ID Vinyl Tubing 10 Feet
CPU Block: Swiftech APOGEE GTZ
GPU Block: Koolance VID-NX285 Full Cover
Coolant: 2 X Feser One Fluid UV Blue 1000ml bottle
Fans: 3 X Yate Loon D12SL-12
Also some MX-2 thermal paste

What do you think and would I need anything else?
Also, it's unclear to me if barbs are included with these parts. If not what do you recommend?

Thanks guys, take care
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are you doing pull and push for your on your rad? it's looks good for the setup you mention tho.

Welcome to OCN.

Your cart looks pretty good.

If you are open to suggestions, you might want to consider running distilled water and some biocide in lieu of the Feser... it is less expensive, and as a first-timer you may need to drain, and re-fill. Using a less expensive liquid might save you some money.

Also, You may want to get direct feed-back from some users that have tried the Koolance block...

Also, there were some issues with Yate Loon knock-offs, so you may want to find a verifiable way to ensure that you are getting the real thing.

Additionally, There are some 360 rads that might perform better than the Swiftech so if you are open to suggestions, let us know.

Whichever path you choose, I think that you will be quite pleased with a liquid cooling setup.

Good luck.

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thanks for the responses

I am going for a external rad pull setup. I read the mcr320 is designed for medium to low fan speed. Is pull only enough for cpu + gpu?
I know some rads might be a little better but this one looks good for the price.

Yes I might consider a cheaper liquid but the feser stuff seems so simple to use and performs great.

For the Yates I'll have to trust the retailer. I've been dealing with directcanada.com (best prices in Canada btw) for almost 2 years now and never been disapointed.
My current case fans are Scythe slipstreams but I heard they're not very good on radiators.

I know the koolance gtx285 block has not much feedback yet so if anybody has it, please let me and us know what you think.

Anyway, I'm thinking another week before I pull the trigger.
Can't wait though!

Oh! yes but will I need to purchase barbs separately?

Take care
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For the Koolance 285 waterblocks watch this

I have 2 myself - they are really easy to fit (Bear in mind that he has 3 of them in tri-sli setup).
@Stormwolf - thanks for the videos. Looks like a nice block.

@Syrillian - Yeah you're right about the coolant. Could become expensive if I have to refill once or twice. hmmmm I'll think about it.

Ok guys found out how much barb fittings i'll need. 2 pair since
no fittings included with the mcr320 and none with the Koolance block.
Added some Bitspower G1/4 High Flow 1/2IN to the shopping cart.

Really happy that this setup looks good so far

I'm always open to suggestion
Thanks guys.
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