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Hi i'm bob

i can see how this site is divided into each hardware component of overclocking but i have already typed all this out on another forum and it would be difficult to keep track of my questions if i posted them under different forums...so i hope this is ok...

ok i've read up a lot about overclocking and in particular my 2.4C chip, but before i go ahead (and do something stupid) i've got a few (i.e a lot of ) questions to ask (even if they are stupid).

So if someone could please give me some advice about the following:

ok firstly these are my specs:
P4 2.4GHz(C)
GA-8IG1000 Pro-G (865G) mobo
1 x 512MB DDR400 Trancend RAM
Radeon 9600 Pro

1) the rams probably going to be a problem, i thought of: 2 x 512 ddr500, KingMax (Corsair and other more expensive makes are exactly that; too expensive).

2) should i use Easy-Tune 5 or just go through the BIOS. How does Easy- Tune work, does it adjust the BIOS settings for you or do the settings only take affect once you enter windows?

3) my giga-byte mobo doesn't allow one to change the RAM timings, not even CAS. Should i update my BIOS (how do i find out what version it is, to see if should bother updating it in the first place?) or is there a program that can adjust the timings from windows?

4) i'm going to try and overclock it to 3.0GHz (FSB 250), this shouldn't be a problem as most oc websites i have seen have oced the same chip to 3.3GHz with stock cooling and without increasing the vcore. (i'm getting a zalman 7000B AlCu, so hopefully temps won't be a problem)

5) i'm going to keep the chip/mem in a 1:1 ratio, will i need to increase the vcore if i'm running the ram at ddr500, even if the ram modules are specified at ddr500?

6) the cooling on the north-bridge is passive, (i've noticed even newer giga-byte mobo's have passive cooling, presumably to promote a quieter system) will i have to by a new HSF for the north-bridge? at the moment there's a lot of air passing through the nb heatsink from the cpu fan, so i thought of just upgrading the heatsink to a zalman passive nb cooler.

7) Would someone kindly explain or point out a link about TCCD memory, i know little about this.

8) I have a AOpen 300watt PSU, is this going to be enough?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out here.

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ok, here i go

1)your ram might limit you, and it might not if it is decent ram or you run it on a divider ex. 5:4

2) you can use programs to change settings but they are very unreliable so bios is te best.

3) well, try a bios flash and if that doesnt work, your gonna need that ddr500.

4) watch your temps, just incase

5) well, the only way your gonna run 1:1 is if you get that new ddr500. upping the vcore only increases stability if its unstable

6) i think it will be fine, especially if that zalman is on top of it.

7) i have no clue

8) well, its probably not going to be fine, so you are gonna have to get a powerstream or a fortron 530w

just hask if you have any more questions
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