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This is a tool to launch a set of your favourite 3D game benchmarks and synthetic 3D tests in a single batch job automatically. Bench'emAll! will do all the boring stuff for you: start the benchmark, wait for result fps and write result to the file.

Bench'emAll! - this program can help you to do automatic common benchmarking or stability tests with your computer, basically 3D hardware.

All benching results program will stored in 'result' subdir of AutoBench3D catalog. 'items' dir contains all important files for benching. Feel free to modify them for changing tests configurations.
It is 2.62 version with 3DMark05 support and some updates. See below for details:

- Painkiller supported.
- Half-Life 2 supported.
It works with Steam and "offline" version. If you will get any problems, let me know, please.
If you are going to use '-dxlevel' as additional command line key, please note, that this key will reset all graphics settings to default values for the specified DirectX level.
To avoid this problem, use registry keys "dxlevel" and "mat_dxlevel" keys, instead "dxlevel" key in command line.
- Added a Batch Benchmark mode. You can use in by pressing in menu: Main->Batch benchmark. In this mode, you can run multiple sequences in session.

get it at http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=544
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