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Benefit of purchasing a high end graphics card?

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Hey everyone!
I'm looking to upgrade my rig in the next month or so, I'm gonna be upgrading to an Intel i7 3930K with a GIgabyte GA-X79S-UP5 MOBO; plus using some of the parts I currently have in my rig. But what I'm curious about is, is it worth it for me to upgrade to a high end graphics card? Right now I have a GeForce GT220. It gets the job done for what I need it for. I don't do any gaming or hardcore video editing or anything really graphics intensive. My build is for audio related projects. Running Pro Tools and Logic (ect.), I don't really see much of a benefit with upgrading to an expensive, massive graphics card, except for the bragging rights. But then again, the graphics department is not something I'm very knowledgeable in.

Does upgrading to a high end graphics card benefit system performance? Or does it only boost in the graphics area? I know I sound like a noob with this question, but graphics related info is something I never got into, because I didn't think I would need to worry about graphics with what I'm using my system for. But if upgrading to a high end graphics card will boost system performance in the sense of making things run more smoothly and getting some kind of speed gain out of it, I might be inclined to purchasing one.

But before I go and drop $400 on a nice graphics card, I would like to know if I would benefit from it. Or if I would be just fine with using my little GT220 for what I'm using my system for.

Any info will help me!


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Probably there is no need for you to upgrade to a more powerful GPU...
It will just add cost and power consumption for no reason.

Unless that is, Adobe or w/e dev that makes the software you are using, comes up with OpenCL/CUDA accelerated filters / routines that seriously outpaces your CPU using the GPU for the same task, in which case you would shop specifically for a card that performs well in this kind of compute (nothing to do with graphics really).
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For your use you could get something way cheaper then 400, do what you do and even do some gaming, if you ever wanted to.
there is a 7850 for around 150$, This will do your basics and even gaming for almost 1/3 the price.

Certain programs the better graphics card may help but I don't see it being worth 400$ if you rarely/never game.
at least with the 7850 it gives you options for a pretty good price.

even a 7750 could do the trick and keep it under 100$

Someone more knowledgeable will more then likely chime in, I'm not expert but I know a thing or two about a thing and stuffs.

Hope this helps. ^^
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The 7750 doesn't look to be much of a gain, spec wise, compared to my current GT220. I might just keep that, with the responses I'm getting here and on other sites, everyone seems to be saying the same thing. A high end graphics card won't be much use to me lol.

But the 7750 you mentioned is something I will definitely consider if my GT220 is damaged. My PSU shorted out and exploded last night, sounded like a gun shot going off. I'm kind of fearing that it may have caused some damage to the other components in my rig. I'll find out tomorrow when my new PSU comes in.

But thanks for the help already, guys! I wasn't expecting replies this quickly lol.
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