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BenQ E2400HD - anyone with this monitor?

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So after dealing with my PS3 & input lag from a Sammy 720p HDTV, i'm finally ready to throw in the towel and get me a lag free 24" 1080p monitor. After my journey to find one, the BenQ E2400HD is what i am left with. Supposedly the input lag is second to none and it is a good all around monitor for the price. However i heard on one review [and&tech i beleive] that 720p does not run on it. This sounds absurd and after having great colors and supposedly the best input response on the market in this price range.. i can't beleive such a minor setback would be present.

Has anyone used this with a PS3? I would be happy running 1080p but both Killzone 2 & Street Fighter IV are 720p max so that's not an option.

If not, could you all recommend me a monitor for under $350 shipped that's known to have extremely low input lag + good, vibrant colors?

Thank you very much!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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