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Hello there, first of all i need to say that english isn't my native language.

My friend bought a benq xl2730z and when i asked him if he liked his new monitor he said that overall the monitor is great but the only concern he is having is the white look more warm than his old asus monitor, he played with the settings, tried the bluish option to see if that changed anything but he doesn't like this setting, he also turned off the blue light setting witch helped a bit.
Here's a video of the difference between the 2 monitors, the Benq is on left, the asus on right. he also told me that the video camera is making it worst that it look in reality but you can still see on video the difference between the two so..


So my question is for those who owned this monitor or not, are we missing a setting that makes it look like that and is there anything we could do to make it a bit more like his asus monitor?
After some research on the web i cannot see any video or review of this monitor with this kind of comparison so your help with be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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