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Best 1080p monitor!

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looking to buy a new 1080p monitor guys.looking for some suggestions
I was thinking about G2220HD
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Each to their own, really.
Personally, I adore the LG monitors - you could go 22" or 24". Price isn't too bad, decent res and contrast ratio on both and both with a 2ms response time
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the samsung or asus monitors are awesome!
This is what I'm using:

I definitely appreciate the tv tuner.
I have the Acer X233H. They were really cheap after the cashback. At LAN parties, the majority of desktop have the same displays with some having either X233HB or X233HQ. The all look the same. Matte dark grey stand and border. I'd prefer the glossy borders but fingerprints are a problem and they weren't as cheap.
my budget is around $200
was thinking about one of these

BenQ G2220HD
Acer P225HQ
LG W2243T
Acer X233Hbid
BenQ G2410HD
well i own the G2220HD and i can tell you the colours are great, but the text quality fails. To get good colours you need to put it in pictures/dynamics mode, and to get good text quality it needs to be in Standard, which has terrible colours. Brutuz also owns one too, however, and he says his is fine - i attribute this to his ATI card/drivers.

Personally i would prefer to get a samsung ToC.
I got a Hanns-G HH241. I LOVE it! It's 23.6". Got it during their black Friday sale. But I think it's still under $200.

Originally Posted by sosikwitit
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25.5 ASUS VW266H gets my vote...

that's 1920x1200. not 1080.
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Currently using the Samsung P2370HD and its fabulous.
My vote Goes for the LG W2261VP

its 1920 x 1080 @ 22inch

= Maximum win!
Look at dells'.
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