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Best 775 Crossfire MoBo

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Well, I have a Quad, and a 4830, so needless to say, I'd much rather have a CFX mobo. I tried using the stickied thread, but all of the CFX boards listed were discontinued on newegg. I'm thinking about the P5Q Pro.
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If you go for Asus P5Q Pro, take a look at the P5Q-E. If you go for Gigabyte, get the EP45-UD3P.
A vote for the EP45-UD3P here.
Never knew that board was CFX. I joined this forum less then 24 hours ago, and have gotten some extremely vital info already. Thanks a lot, I'm getting the EP45-UD3P.
...it isn't CFX. in CF it has x8/x8 bandwidth to the slots, making it incapable of running two X2 cards in crossfire X.
Wait, so it will or won't run Crossfire?
Yes it will. I have the motherboard, and it says CrossFire on the box, theres proof.

What he is saying is, there are 2 PCI-E 2.0 slots, one is a x16 and the other is x8, since you will be using those two, they will both be halved to x8 each, which will only reduce performance slightly compared to if you had 2 x16 slots.

Don't sweat it man, this motherboard is great and awesome for OC'ing, very safe.

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Wait, so it will or won't run Crossfire?
Yes it will run 2 ATI cards in a Crossfire config.

CrossfireX is when you have 3+ GPU's, you could run 2 4870x2's in a crossfire X config on your board.
He's just being screwy with the terms
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+1 for the UD3P
I've tested the UD3P with various crossfire setups (a pair of HD4870 1 Gb and a pair of X2's as well as a pair of HD4830's).

The only config that gets a performance hit is the pair of X2's. The pairs of single gpu cards post the same benches as my X48 boards.

8x8x crossfire has plenty of bandwidth for all but a pair of X2 cards.
very ture,PCIe x8 is plenty for 99% of cards. the only ones that will be affected are high-end dual GPU cards, like the 4870x2.

i wish i had cards laying around i could test
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