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Best AGP card between $40-100

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My brother's buddy is looking for a GFX that can play at least....uhhhh ragnorock, bf1942, cs 1.6, cs:cz, dod, some krappy RPGs.
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ill sell you my 6800gs for 150 shipped. Its about 5 months old in perfect condition. Not overclocked.

For that money thast the best you can get.
You could probably find a 6800/6800XT/6600GT/6600 or X800XT for under a hundred.
check out newegg 7600gt for around 85 if i'm not mistaken
7600GT's on the egg are PCI-E. Look around you can score 6800GT's for like $90 and x800's for less then $50 on ebay
It has to be new and under $100...So I get like a 6800xt,gs, 6600, 7300gt, or x1300...?
For Ati


For Nvidia


The first will keep you a bit under $100...the second a bit over but if your looking for the best bang for your buck i would take the second one or shop around on ebay a bit
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6800xt, for the money about 100
They do have AGP 7600GSs on Newegg for $100 but they are open box so not really new. Other than that go with the 6800xt.
The one pc-man recommended is great.
Pipelines - 8
Core Clock - 350MHz
Memory Clock - 533MHz
A stock 6800xt beats it. Will overclock farther as well.
6600GT, 6800xt or gs, x800xt/gto2, x850pro.

Those 5 will be the best performers, my honest opinion, get a x800xt/gto2, they overclock like gods, and will actually outperform any of the nvidia's in the same price range, except in SM 3.0 applications.

Open box, but who cares! Drivers are downloadable!
This thing will overclock till your socks fall off with better cooling, and will run circles around all other cards in its price range. Plus it may be unlockable to an x850xtpe.
If he can find a new AGP x800xt for under $100 then that is definitely the way to go. Its going to be tough though.
An X1600 could be what you're looking for... But it's 2$ more than your budget...

Originally Posted by gravity View Post
An X1600 could be what you're looking for... But it's 2$ more than your budget...
This x1600pro is by far the best option and it's only 102$

Another very good option would be the 7300GT which has 8 pipelines and OC a lot. I had the Point of View 7300GT AGP and it went from 350/333 stock to 540/380 ~8000points 3DMark 2003 and ~3000points in 2005.
The 6800XT and the 6600GT have 8 pipes each, but lower freq, so I'd go for the 7300GT or better.

Here's 7300GT @79$ after rebate - when OCed is close to 7600GS
7600GS open box - 94$
x1600pro 512Mb open box - 93$

From the price/performance ratio the best would be the 7300GT since it OCs the best and if properly OCed can be close to the 7600GS and x1600pro.
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Picked up a Chaintech 7600GS AGP for 109. about 10 days ago, rebate of course.
Gotta keep your eyes peeled to NewEgg, deals pop up when you dont look.
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