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Best AMD/NVIDIA SLI board on budget

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Hey everyone, I want a AMD board with SLI capability for $75 or less.
If you find a good one, lets just say you will be pleased.
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either get a NV750A or a NV780A Destroyer from foxconn and i saw one from gigabyte as well..Asus came up with Crosshair2 i think..
just dont touch the xfx 750a its crap. i myself being a diehard nvidia fanboy found myself wandering over to ati due to the fact that amd and ati work together so much better. ive said it in other threads and i hate to say it, but if you want dual gpu with nvidia and amd your best bet is ati this time around. just get yourself a set of xfx ati cards and you should be quite happy.
If you'd like a mobo that has better room for upgrading check out Biostar's TPower N750
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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