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WHAt is the best freeware benchmarking program and is there a utilitie that helps tell u if yoursystem is stable.

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Which parts you want to benchmark?<br><br>
For CPU performance:<br>
- SiSoft Sandra<br>
- SuperPi (the faster the time, the better CPU/RAM performance)<br><br>
- SiSoft Sandra<br><br>
Gaming performance:<br>
- 3DMark01, 3DMark03, 3DMark05, 3DMark06<br><br>
Stability testing:<br>
- Prime95, run the torture test. Your system is considered stable if it runs 24 hours (8 might do, and for inbetween steps while overclocking, half an hour should do)<br>
- OCCT (also CPU stability test)<br>
- Memtest86 (for RAM; copy to bootable floppy disk, and boot from that diskette)
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