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best card for price?

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hey i'm updating my rig, right now it has a HD 4550 in it. what would be a good upgrade at a low price?
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How much are you willing to spend?
What games do you play?
What resolution and detial do you play at?
i'm trying to keep it under the $150 mark, and i go as high res as i can. i MW2- GTAIV stuff. probably gonna end up going crossfire with my 4550
There are 4890s that are under $150 today, since it's black friday.

Check it out.
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Also take a look at the 4870 & 5750,5770.

It's 165, just slightly higher... but free shipping.
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awesome thx i'll look around
open box 5750 on newegg is $105 or something
XFX 4870 for $129.99 @


Happy Buying!
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