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Best Cheap Case

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I'm looking for a cheap, but good case for a friend of mine and his build. I'm currently looking at this one, but I don't know if it could mount a mATX board, or if 2 80mm fans are enough.

Why mATX? Price. Trying to keep the computer as cheap as possible, but good enough to play modern games, so the case needs to be big enough to fit a new video card (possibly a 5770), come with fans, side vents and stuff. A side window isn't required but would be nice, and the case doesn't have to glow (it's easy to buy LEDs and glue them inside a case anyway if he wants to make the inside glow).
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For the price, I would recommend the Centurion 5.

80mm fans will be sufficient so long as performance is kept at stock (some OC'ing is quite possible).

You could also use these Silverstone fans in lieu of regular 80's

This Vantec is also a possibility.
I don't know if it could mount a mATX board, or if 2 80mm fans are enough.
Nice case.... but 2 x 80 for am ATX case is a tad lame. I go for a CMO 690... but Im bias.

2 x 80mm fans may not cut it. The standard these days are 120mm. Usually config is minimum 2 intake and 3 exhaust but that will depend on the cases mounts and you modding ability.

You can mount a mATX mobo in a ATX case - it just looks small compared to a ATX mobo

And Syrillian beats me again
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Yeah, he's not going to be overclocking, just gaming. Well, good to know I can mount a mATX board into it (I've only used a mATX board in a mATX case). I'm still not clear about the fan situation however. I'd rather not have to buy fans and rather have the case come with them pre built.
Get a CM RC-310 case, $39.24 from Amazon.com & it comes with free shipping.


Newegg has that same case but you'll have to pay for shipping. I'll be ordering that same case for a cheap AMD Quad system after I sell off some stuff on craigslist.
I put my old rig in the CM elite 310 a couple weeks ago, it fit the Xigmatek S1283 with a side fan installed but its a close fit, the cooler is right up against the window. 8800GT has plenty of room. I filled it with fans and it seems to do ok for the price. Mine was $33 shipped it has gone up to $40 shipped but it should still be considered.


I think side vents are more important then a side window.
you already know whats important. gaming. gfx card is most important. the centurion 534* has the fan mount right where you want'em for the gfx card. slam in a dual core with cheap hardware and pray. dont forget an os. I think he'll be fine.
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By the looks of your system and if its not going to be OCed... you should be okay - heat wise.

You can always modd the case later if you feel the need.
The Antec 300 is relativly cheap and it's a good case.

Originally Posted by BenRK
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I think side vents are more important then a side window.

the elite 310 has a side fan mount that blows directly on the video card.
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Alright, I think I'll go with the 310.
I second the Antec Three Hundred.
The Antec 300
I picked up one of these and I'm quite happy with it..


( Thermaltake Soprano RS 101 )

It comes with a single 120mm fan but can take up to 4.. 1 front intake, 1 rear exhaust and 2 on the side.. it will take 80 or 90mm as well.. Not bad for $40, plus it having plenty of room helps too..
NZXT BETA.............black interior, space to fit 4 120mm fans, cable management holes, and watercooling tubes holes...i paid 44 bucks on amazon.com
Thermaltake V9 (sharp little case with a window!)

or Antec 300 (very good to mod, good case)
for that microcenter would be your best bet
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