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Hi all,
Just after some other peoples advice.
This is my first actual build..
So it might be easier if I lay it out like this:

What I Have:
2 x 3TB Hard drives
1 x 120GB SSD Drive (primarily for the OS)
2 x 4GB DDR3 RAM
1 x mATX Aluminium Low Profile Case (440L x 420W x 100H)
1 x Bluray Drive/Recorder
1 x Dual Digital TV Tuner Card
1 x Wifi Card
1 x Bluetooth Dongle

I am building an All-in-one HTPC.
I would like to use it for playing the latest games, internet, video encoding/converting, viewing and recording HD content etc..

I need it to be a silent as possible with minimal fans so I hoping to get away with not buying a separate Graphics card because if I did there would be more heat in an already very low profile case. But if I have to then I guess I have to.

So I will need a mobo, (possible GPU), and CPU (or APU).
Does anyone have any suggestions for these that would be sufficient to my needs?? I would like to use AMD Components.
I am tossing up as to what would be a better option for me (in terms of upgradability, performance and generated heat):

An APU (for example - an A-Series Llano AMD Quad-core 2.9Ghz integrated Radeon HD 6550D) used with a FM1 mobo
A GPU + CPU Combo (for example - an FX-Series AMD Six Core 3.3Ghz used on a AM3+ mobo) + a Radeon HD 5xxx or 6xxx

This setup will be used with 8GB of DDR3 Ram

As for price well its not really a big issue but if I could get the remaining parts for under $500 i'd be pretty stoked but that's not a big deal.

Let me know if you need any more info..
Thanks again, much appreciated.
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