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Best cpu cooler for hot environment

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I need a really good cpu cooler to overclock an i7 to 4ghz. My ambiant temperature will range from 20C to 30C in summer. My case will be an extremely ventilated one, antec 900 ...I was thinking about the Noctua U12p but here it's quite expensive 80$CDN. Is this the best bang for the buck.

Here's the website I can buy my part from
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20C to 30C in summer

Hot? Thats not hot. Thats a pleasant day

Theres not alot of choice on that site


Xiggy Dark Knight or Thor's Hammer


They will all do a great job if your case is well ventilated
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Yeah Noctua is a good and quiet cooler but it has the most ugly fan by far (not a problem if you're planning on changing it of course). It should keep your temps under control

Xigmatek Dark Knight could be an option as well, it is only about 1-2C worse than Noctua U12P, but much much cheaper (and the stock fan is a pretty good one as well).
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summer 20-30C?
that is not hot
try 35C

what about newegg.ca

winner: http://www.pccyber.com/?v=product&i=CF-SCY-SCMG-2000
right behind megahalems
woww the mugen 2 look amazing!!!
get a corsair H50
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