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Best CPU for Linux?

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Hello. I was wondering what is the best CPU to use with a Linux OS? I already have built my gaming rig, but I want to buy a new processor for old computer so I can use it as a server. I have a little over $250 so that would be my budget. Once again, this server will be used for server purposes mostly and maybe occasional gaming if my friend comes over. I really am an Intel fan, so AMD is out of the question.

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Any really. x86 architecture. Multi-Core, if you want. Anything really.

Suggestion: AMD Athlon X2 3600 with a gig of RAM
Well, in reality any CPU you want will work just fine. You can choose almost any architecture and not worry about compatibility.

I recommend dual-core, as linux has outstanding SMP support and can take full advantage of multi-core processors. So, since you do not want AMD, C2D comes to mind, I'm sure there are several within your budget. If referencing s478, any Pentium with HT can also use SMP support, even though it is emulated.
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