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Best cpu for overclock ?

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I think Best cpu for overclock is E6700 (l6 31 l6 33) For extreme overclock
What you think?
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Celerons tend to be great OCers... but bad CPUs.

Originally Posted by redsox83381
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Celerons tend to be great OCers... but bad CPUs.

Greats just for max freq not for performance and tests
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i think i mite do a sneaky overclock on my GF pc then haha

omg it sucks soo much haha compared to my so called beast
The X6800 seems to reach higher speeds than the E6700 using unconventional cooling, but I haven't really paid attention to the top-level overclocking lately.
E6700 L633A is the best , but it is not always the case ,, some people got identical CPUs from exactly the same stepping but they OC differently
get an E6420. cheap, and nicely overclockable. especially on p35 boards that can easily do 500FSB.
e6600 for the price. Wait about a month or less for the price to drop dramatically. I should have waited now that there going to be dirt ass cheap.
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