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Best fan for Opteron 165??

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As title says, can anyone help me out before I order?
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well for cheap and moderate to good overclock i say get the ac freezer 64 from newegg.

or the better/best option http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16835106061
Tuniq tower would be the absolute best(as always) but also consider others since it is quite hard to come by these days. Such as Scythe Ninja, Scythe Infinity and Thermaltake Big Typhoon. These all perform fairly similarly and you can buy a third party fan and use one of those in them too.
tuniq tower...
but you probably won't find one, so a scythe infinity would be good.
Which is the best? Need the best cooling possible, besides water.
Best Air Cooling?
-Lapping Kit
-Tuniq Tower
-Arctic Silver 5
Total: $80 Shipped

$55 Tuniq Tower + $7 Arctic Silver 5 + $5 Lapping Kit + $5 Shipping + $7 Tax = $79 US
Im going to say Big Typhoon, Lapped, AS5, And a nice 38mm fan upgrade. That setup will own the Tuniq Tower.
I found a Tuniq on svc.com, I have artic 5, and I can lap them Tuniq aswell. Tuniq it is!
Tuniq Tower, you can get it here:http://svc.com/tuniq.html
Tuniq Ordered! ! ! ! ! !
Sweet. let us know how the temps are
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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