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best free drive cloning softwareq

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Im going to upgrade my dads laptop to windows 7 and i want to make sure I backup all of his stuff since its his work laptop and he would kill me if the files got lost. What is the best free cloning software?
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Try Maxtor Maxblast. i think this should work really good. its free too i believe.
i read windows 7 has a built in hard disk full back up utility
So did Vista, but it's only useful if you have taken a backup while booted into the OS, then boot back to the install DVD to recover.

Pain in the a$$. Use Acronis.
The backup system on vista takes literall FOREVER thats why i wanted something better.

Also does the acronis WD version only copy to a WD hd? cuz my extra HD is an old seagate.
Check out Macrium free edition. You can take a full image (verify the image) and if you need to access the files in that image it
will mount it like a hard drive.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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